Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of the top questions asked about connecting an iPad to 3G networks, and asked the experts for their advice.

Can I use an iPhone or mobile SIM on an iPad?

No, iPad uses a micro sim, which is a smaller version of a traditional SIM card. Regular SIM cards will not work with your iPad.

Where can I buy iPad?

You can pick up an iPad at Apple retail stores, online and at authorised resellers such as PC World.

Can I connect a WIFI only iPad to 3G?

Not directly, but using a MiFi® portable router from 3 network you can connect any WiFi device to 3G, including iPod Touch, iPhone and laptops.

Where can I get iPad Accessories?

There's a wide range of iPad stands, keyboards and cases available now -, and Carphone Warehouse have a good selection.

What does 1GB of data allow me to do?

As a rough guide, you can:

  • browse the web for around 10 hours
  • download around 30 songs
  • download around 20 minutes of video
    (all figures are approximate and a guide only)

How do I manage my iPad 3G connection?

All networks now allow you to manage your 3G connection and network subscriptions on-screen on the iPad, although you also have the option to call the network if you need.

Are iPad discount codes or vouchers available?

Currently no online discount codes are available for iPad or iPad 3G Data packages.

Can I call people using iPad?

Yes - you can use apps like Facetime and Skype to make video and voice calls using the iPad, over both 3G and WiFi. However the packages available from the networks only include 3G data - they don't include call minutes and you can't call other numbers directly in the same way you would with a phone.